Micro-needling, light therapy, and microcurrents are among theat-home gadgets available for you to treat skin problems. Now, with so many options, you might be unable to decide which device to choose. So, with the help of expert dermatologists and facialists,we have tried to elucidate different kinds of beauty devicesto assist you in making the best choice for skin care.

Beauty Devices for Enhancing Skin Care Regime

Here are some skin care devices which you can find in the best Dermatology Clinic in Bangalore.

These devices send light energy to the skin and trigger reactions inside the cells.These light therapy deviceshave wavelengths of different colors that provide unique benefits. For instance, red lights increase circulation, turn on collagen production and, at the same time, decrease inflammation. Blue lights, on the other hand, destroy bacteria causing acne. This light therapy device is a hands-free, full face LED mask featuring both blue and red light therapy. The mask is very effective in smoothening wrinkles, reducing blemishes and enhancing skin’s texture.

TheraFace PRO works best depending on the skin’s needs. This device efficiently tackles skin laxity, builds up collagen, deficiency of firmness and destroys acne-causing bacteria. With its stress relieving technology, this device works wonderfully in relaxing facial muscles and reducing facial tension. TheraFace PRO is further equipped with microcurrent therapy that helps in toning and contouring, stimulating collagen and fighting acne. It also deeply cleanses the face. In other words, it is a one-stop shop for skin revolutionizing.

Microcurrent improves the flow of electric currents in cell membranes of muscles and skin. This, in turn, increases circulation and enhances skin’s potentiality to heal wounds and synthesize collagens. The microcurrent devices come as a facial toning kit that improves facial tone and contour and reduces wrinkles with the help of microcurrent. By using this kit for a couple of minutes everyday, you can tone your face.

Micro-needling improves tautness and texture of facial skin, minimizing scars and pores. All the devices come in a kit containing all kinds of microneedle required from head to toe. The kit contains roller heads of diverse size for lips, eyes, smaller areas, face and body.

Hair removal devices have highdemand in homes as well as in the Best Skin Clinic in Bangalore. These devices are painless alternative to shaving and waxing. This device offers the benefit of fast-pulses and large treatment surface by the use of radio frequency (RF) and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology which are safe for skin.

These are some of the beauty devices widely used for skin care at home and clinics.

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