About Us


Dr. Sonakshi S :

With an experience that spans over a decade, Dr. Sonakshi Sunil is a sought after dermatologist in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. After polishing her practice with reputed brands within the industry, she has now set sail towards her individual journey with Ara Skin Clinic. 

Ara is a dear project to her for various reasons. But mainly, she intends to create a safe environment for anyone who seeks dermatological help. She wants to cater to the needs of all aesthetic concerns with accurate diagnosis and empathetic treatment.

Each individual is unique, so is their skin type. Dr. Sonakshi puts together specific treatments to each of her patients, to personalise their experience with her. Ara Skin clinic is also equipped with the latest technology, which supports the treatment with accuracy and positive results. By targeting the root cause of the issue, she ensures that her clients won’t go back to her with the same concern again. Ara Skin Clinic is a safe harbour to those who find it challenging to be vocal about their aesthetic concerns. Ara invites you to work on yourself and your confidence. Its doors are open to anyone who wishes to take care of their skin with the watchful guidance of an expert cosmetologist.