Peel Treatment in Bangalore

Ara Skin Clinic is one of the best peel treatment clinic in Bangalore. Our peel specialists offer professional care for peel treatment at best costs. Contact now and get high-quality care and advanced peel treatments in Bangalore.

Silk peel Treatment

Exfoliation is as important for the skin as cleaning your car once a week. If you don’t intervene to accelerate the shedding of dead skin cells it piles up on the skin just like dirt on your car and conceals your lustre. Chemical peels, even though the name may sound frightening, are in fact more gentle than the abrasive physical exfoliation that often causes micro tears in the skin. We provide the following chemical peels according to the condition and need of your skin

Ultra hydrating

Vitamin C anti aging

Clarity MD Pore clearing

Luminous Skin Brightening

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