Best Medi Facials Clinic in Bangalore

Ara Skin Clinic is one of the best medi facials clinic in Bangalore. Our skin specialists offer professional care for Medi Facials at best costs. Contact now and get high-quality care and advanced medi facials treatments in Bangalore.


  • Skin care is a continuous and ongoing process. The more you look after your skin the better it looks.
  • Medifacials are a combination of different procedures to achieve favourable results for varied skin types.
  • The Medifacial treatments at Ara skin clinic Bangalore helps you keep your skin looking youthful, radiant, soft, supple and firm, in a sustained manner, using proven treatments.


A hydra-medi facial can address skin concerns hydration, skin tone and texture, pores and congestion. This 3-in-1 medi-facial treatment provides nourishment and oxygenation to the skin. The mesotherapy vials contain a mixture of skin rejuvenating, hydrating, firming, tightening and antioxidant ingredients to restore moisture and firmness.


A microdermabrasion based medifacial that buffs away the top layers of your skin, which results in the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, blackheads and enlarged pores .a handheld instrument sprays small crystals on your complexion, which then exfoliates your skin when suction is used to vacuum the exfoliated dead cells.


A microdermabrasion based medi facial with added benefits of qswitch laser that exfoliates the skin and also reduces excess melanin in the skin and bring out a healthy complexion. Apart from reducing pigmentation, Q-switched laser fights wrinkles, promotes even complexion, deeply cleanses the skin, and stimulates collagen for youthful skin


The AquaJet Facial is simply a “pressure wash” that uses jet technology to deep clean by infusing saline and oxygen into the skin, leaving it hydrated, exfoliated and feeling refreshed. Its coupled with qswitch laser that exfoliates the skin and also reduces excess melanin in the skin and bring out a healthy complexion. There is no pain, no downtime and it feels cool and soothing to your skin. AquaJet Facial is truly anti-inflammatory!


Mesotherapy is a science that has its origins in France. It is now a popular beauty therapy amongst celebrities. Miracle infusion medifacial is a needleless technology which involves microcurrents assisted penetration of nutrients like Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Vitamin A, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin C, etc. This stimulates the development of a new radiant, youthful and healthier skin


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening is an exciting breakthrough for skin tightening, wrinkle treatments, and for facial rejuvenation. This medifacial uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate and tighten collagen. It is one of the few effective and lasting treatments to fight loose skin, wrinkles, and the effects of aging without radical invasive cosmetic surgery.


Photofacial is a latest combination therapy that combines 3 different technologies to a pain-free treatment resulting in instant and long-lasting glow. It is an ultra-effective treatment that works on every concern like pigmentation, open pores, troublesome zits, uneven skin tone, and fine line.

Photofacial is a med-facial in which skin is gently resurfaced by dead cell exfoliation with the help of diamond crystal and vacuum suction technique and thus improving the skin texture and overall renewal of skin tone. The latest technology in laser plays the major role in this therapy, which is scientifically proven to penetrate down to the second layer of the skin, working on the pigment cells of the skin to clear up freckles, pigmentation and dark spots, leaving the skin smooth and clear. With minimal and no downtime, this treatment is designed in a way to give you brighter skin and long-lasting luminescent glow.


Diamond glow offers a unique and patented approach to skin rejuvenation, that incorporates a 3-in-1, non-invasive treatment; simultaneously exfoliating, extracting and infusing skin with condition-specific serums.

This patented 3-in-one technology enables the serum to penetrate the skin to greater levels, be better absorbed and retained, leading to skin has an optimal hydration, tone, texture and plumpness.This treatment is ideal for skin issues and conditions such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, solar lentigines, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, ageing skin with fine lines and wrinkles, sallow skin, dry or dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin, and skin with rough texture.


The BB Glow treatment is one of the latest procedures in Korean beauty, using KFDA approved Stayve products. A highly effective tinted pigment is applied by using a nano-needle or microneedle to probe the skin. It braces skin rejuvenation and collagen production. The BB glow serum adds nutrients meanwhile adding your desired colour tone to your skin.

It is a safe procedure that gives your skin a radiant, smooth look with highlighted contours, much like the results you would get on applying foundation.


A revolutionary laser treatment, the carbon laser facial exfoliates, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. While reducing oiliness, it provides an instant, refreshed appearance, leaving the skin softer.

The carbon facial involves the use of liquid carbon and the Q-switch laser. You can therefore expect a deep cleansing of your skin that removes oil as well as other impurities. It is therefore great for oily skin. The Q-switch laser also targets pigmentation and tanning problems, so you can look forward to significant improvement in those concerns. Apart from this it also helps with open pores and fine lines.


Also known in Hollywood Facial or PRP is a USFDA-approved treatment, gained a lot of popularity for treating facial scars, uneven complexion, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. In this procedure a high concentrations of platelets in plasma, obtained from your own blood, is infused into your skin. These platelet cells help in healing and growth of new cells and boosting collagen tissue growth resulting in smoother,firmer, younger looking skin.


An effective skin rejuvenation treatment to treat various skin imperfections and restore the healthy youthful appearance of skin, by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. Here micro needling is combined with mesoporation of actives like Vitamin C, Glutathione,Hyaluronic acid etc. This an excellent therapy aiding in skin rejuvenation, hydration, firming and tightening.