While it’s usually finer in texture and lighter in colour, it’s undeniable that most women have facial hair. However, sometimes women’s facial hair can become darker and coarser in texture, so they stand out more and are more difficult to remove at home. If you are suffering from coarse facial hair, you might be wondering what causes it. More importantly, you might want to know your options.

Therefore, below we’ll discuss the most common reasons for abnormal facial hair growth in women and how laser hair removal can benefit them.

Hirsutism is the most common cause of facial hair in women

Among women, hirsutism is the most common cause of abnormal facial hair growth. As a result of Hirsutism, the hair grows in a traditionally male pattern: typically on the chest, back, and lower parts of the face. Approximately 10% of women are affected by hirsutism today, and it can be difficult to deal with if you are unfamiliar with your options.

Androgens (male hormones) like testosterone cause this condition. What causes an increase in androgens?

Thank you for asking.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Approximately 75% of all cases of Hirsutism are caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which causes benign cysts to grow on the ovaries. This can have a myriad number of adverse symptoms for your body, such as:

You should consult an OBGYN about proper treatment for PCOS if you suffer from this condition.

The use of medications

Hirsutism can also be caused by medications, particularly those that contain male growth hormones. Many medications that contain male growth hormones can cause an increase in androgens in women, particularly:

Disorders Of The Adrenal Glands

An example of a disorder that affects your adrenal glands is Cushing’s disease, which is caused by prolonged exposure to cortisol.

Changes In Hormones

You may experience excess facial hair during pregnancy and growth as a result of hormonal shifts. It is common for women to have longer, luscious locks during pregnancy due to high oestrogen levels, but in some cases, the opposite can occur, resulting in darker, coarser locks.

The Takeaway From Laser Treatment Therapy

The good news is that there are options. The best option here is laser hair removal therapy, which removes facial hair without irritating your skin the way repeated plucking or waxing would.

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