Stop Hair Falling The Dermatologists Way - Treatments And Remedies

Stop Hair Falling The Dermatologists Way – Treatments And Remedies

Hair loss (alopecia) can undermine your scalp or entire body and can be temporary or permanent. This is indeed considered a natural phenomenon. Although it is more prevalent in more established adults, anyone, including children, can experience it. Generally, people fall somewhere between 50 and 100 single hairs per day. Hair loss is essential for character balance – some hair falls out while others fill in. When the balance enters – when the hair falls out, and less hair fills in – the hair falls out.

The most well-known type of hair loss is the steady receding of hair on the top of the head, which affects individuals as they age. According to dermatologists, the most general causes of hair loss include: Improper hairstyles or haircuts that tighten the hair, such as ponytails or braids, can cause hair loss. Hot oil can also cause hair loss in addition to hair meds and perms. Shading, perming or loosening the hair can damage the hair. On long journeys, this damage can lead to hair fall.

• All types of people harbour hereditary hair loss, the most recognized cause of baldness worldwide. These conditions are called androgenic alopecia, male-pattern sparseness, and female-pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss happens gradually and in surprising examples – hair loss along the hairline and bare spots in men and along the crown of the scalp in women.
• An assortment of conditions can cause extreme or short-term hair loss, including hormonal changes due to pregnancy, labour, menopause, and thyroid problems. A common cause of these irregularities is polycystic ovary disorder (PCOS). It causes ulcers in a woman’s ovaries, along with various symptoms and side effects, including hair loss.
Hair loss treatment:
1. QR678-
QR 678 is an exclusive, first-in-class hair loss and regrowth treatment that has revolutionized hair loss treatment. This formulation, QR 678, is enlivened by the ubiquitous presence of the new “quick response” era.

The function of QR678 polypeptide in treatment
QR 678 treatment captures hair loss and expands the thickness, number and thickness of existing hair follicles, inducing more prominent inclusions in hair loss. The polypeptides used in the formulation are found in the scalp, making it a regular growth factor-based treatment.

The polypeptide penetrates deep into the scalp and nourishes the scalp, leading to hair growth. Essentials added to the QR678 mix: Apart from the polypeptide, QR 678 contains the following essential components-
• Ascorbic Acid: Helps synthesize collagen to keep hair strands strong and healthy.
• Retinol: Vitamin A reestablishes or awakens dormant hair follicles to restore scalp and epidermis connections. Mechanism of action of QR678 therapy Signals between the upper and lower layers of the skin triggers the development of hair follicles. The three stages of hair follicle development are anagen, catagen and telogen. In anagen, hair growth occurs, followed by catagen and telogen, where hair falls out.
2. Hair regeneration
Regenera works by stimulating hair growth through regeneration therapy techniques. Hair regeneration is a hair stimulation treatment using the body’s stem cells, progenitor cells and growth factors to stop tissue regeneration, which can significantly affect hair growth. Benefits of this treatment The hair regrowth method offers many benefits, making this treatment a compelling and safe one. Some benefits include:
• It involves the patient’s body’s stem cells for treatment, making it a safe system.
• It is a quick and successful treatment because it involves rapid tissue planning and normal tissue breakdown.

3. Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC)
GFC is a highly concentrated growth factor ready using a person’s blood. The treatment uses a highly focused growth factor preparation that can be infused into the scalp and neck to promote hair growth.
Preparing for the GFC solution
✔ Take about 16 ml of blood from a person.
✔ Take about 40-50 minutes to determine the growth factor and set up the GFC treatment for the hair.
✔ The result will be 7-8 ml of GFC hair treatment which will be injectable.
Benefits of GFC treatment-
Benefits of GFC treatment for hair include- It helps reduce hair fall and makes hair thicker and more voluminous. It is profoundly suitable for those in the underlying alopecia stages.
Hair needs various supplements to stay healthy. Many nutritional shortages are linked to hair loss. Taking the ideal supplement is essential. Consult with Dr. Sonakshi Sunil and reduce subsequent hair loss.

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