Hair fall is a grave problem for almost every woman. Do you know that women lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair every day? Now, this hair loss can occur due to many reasons –pollution, heat, hair dyes, wrong use of hair products and stress. Many women are really worried about hair growth and length of their hair. Everyone wishes to look good with thick and long hair when they are going for some occasion. Here are a few cool tips to regrow thick hair…
Simple Guide to Grow Thicker Hair
Balanced Diet
The first hair care tip starts with food habit. A balanced diet helps in the growth of thick hair strands. So, you should include lots of minerals and vitamins in your diet. Consumption of too much of junk and oily foods causes hair fall. Therefore, it is essential to consume right amount and proportion of food for naturally growing thicker hair. Also, do not forget to drink lots of water.
Avoid Using Heating Tools
Exposure to constant heat causes damage to hair follicles and that is why, you should not use heating tools like hair dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners.
Brush Hair Regularly
You should brush the hair daily. This helps in spreading the natural oil of the scalp and also in maintaining tangle-free hair.
Do not Use Rubber Bands
Rubber bands damage the hair very badly thereby resulting in hair fall. Fabric-based hair scrunches are better options as they can be easily removed without damaging the hair.
Maintain Hygiene of Hair
Regularly wash your hair. Remember that whenever you go outside, your hair gets exposed to pollution and sunlight. These things damage the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the hair every day for removing dust and cleaning the scalp.
Rinse Hair with Cold Water
Do not use warm water for rinsing your hair because it can damage the scalp and hair. Cold water should always be used for rinsing hair.
Avoid Hair Dyes and Bleach
Making the hair blonde might look good but it is not at all healthy.Dying or beaching the hair damages it drastically since they are made of deep pastel colors and harmful chemicals. It is better to maintain natural hair.
Use Naturally Made Hair Masks
Make hair mask using natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel, egg whites, onion and so on. These natural products nourish the scalp and repair any kind of hair damage. The right time to use hair mask is before taking shower or at night. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water.
So, these are some tips to follow if your want to have thicker hair strands.
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