How Effective is Q Switched Tattoo Removal Treatment

How Effective is Q Switched Tattoo Removal Treatment

There are times when people want to remove tattoos from their bodies. They find themselves bound by the popular notion that permanent tattoos cannot be removed. Switched laser tattoo removal. Tattoo ink is composed of pigments that are suspended in a carrier solution. Tattoo pigments range from inorganic to azo dyes with variable exploitation spectra. They are initially metal salts but can also be a store of plastics and vegetable dyes. The carrier can be a single matter or a mixture. The purpose of the airline is to evenly distribute the pigment in the liquid matrix, prevent the growth of pathogens, prevent coagulation of the dye, and aid application to the skin.

Laser tattoo removal is a common and effective method currently in existence. A laser can create the correct wavelength of light to remove even dark, complex, and bright tattoos.

The natural history of intradermally placed tattoos is still largely unknown. Initially, ink smithereens are found within big phagosomes in the cytoplasm of keratinocytes and phagocytic cells, as well as fibroblasts, macrophages, and mast cells. The epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction, and papillary dermis appear homogeneous immediately after tattoo injection. Ink containing phagocytic cells of the dermis is concentrated along the dermo-epidermal intersection, beneath a layer of granulation tissue closely surrounded by collagen.

What are the four types of Q-switched lasers: Q-switched ruby laser Q-switched Nd: YAG (neodymium: yttrium aluminum garnet) laser, and Q-switched alexandrite laser? The option of laser type is based on a few factors, such as the target absorption spectrum, the desired depth of infiltration of the light energy, the perplexity, the color of the target particle, and the laser wavelength and pulse duration.

▪ Procedure: The Q-switched laser is pulsed through the tattoo to allow intense light energy to penetrate the ink. The ink particles absorb the energy and are broken into tiny pieces. The torn tattoo is then cleaned from the skin.

▪ Advantages of Q Switched Laser Removal:
✔ fewer scars
✔ It doesn’t take long
✔ less risky
✔ Very practical and affordable I finished in a few meetings.

⮚ Does the procedure cause any side effects?
Hypopigmentation may last three to six months. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to increased melanin in response to laser-generated heat.

Variables affecting the effective removal of tattoo pigment Several variables affect tattoo removal using the QS laser.

Smoking, the presence of colors other than black and red, a tattoo more significant than 30 cm2, a tattoo located on the foot or leg, one older than 36 months, with a high color density, a treatment interval of 8 weeks or less, and the development of dark phenomena are clinical. It is associated with decreased reaction rate.

Novel techniques for rapid clearance of tattoo pigments The treatment course for the R20 technique tattoo pigment adequate support is often lengthy and expensive as it involves multiple sessions at long intervals. Against this background, Kossida et al.

The treatment time of 60-80 minutes with the R0 technique compared to the R20 method offers inconvenience for both the patient and the physician. A novel approach is now being proposed to shorten this long treatment session without compromising efficacy and safety.

Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, QS lasers offer techniques that achieve particular transportation of each tattoo pigment with the bottom risk of scarring and pigmentary changes. Because multiple wavelengths are required to treat multi-colored tattoos, a single laser system cannot be aged alone to remove all available ink and combinations.
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