Dark circle treatment


A chemical exfoliating treatment to help promote cellular turnover, reduce pigmentation and reveal new, fresh skin cells while being gentle at the same time.


Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid is effective in lightening the darkness or pigmentation under the eyes.


Lactic acid, the gentler alpha hydroxy sister to glycolic acid helps in lightening dark circles and is well tolerated by sensitive skin who cannot take glycolic acid.

Q switch laser

Imagine having a magic eraser to wipe away all the blemishes, tattoo regrets or blemishes that makes you uncomfortable? Your imagination can take a ground reality, thanks to the Q switch laser that creates high-intensity, concentrated pulsed beam light to fade or erase dark circles and help the under eye skin rejuvenate.


Hollowness under the eye can cause the dark circles to appear more prominent. Microneedling, works by creating deliberate micro injuries to your skin through a device as a result of which your skin produces more collagen fibres to fill in the under eye hollows


In this procedure a high concentrations of platelets in plasma, obtained from your own blood, is infused into your skin. These platelet cells help in healing and growth of new cells and boosting collagen tissue growth – thereby rejuvenating tissues. This makes the skin firmer and smoother and softens out wrinkles to improve the skin tone and texture.

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