Causes Of Facial Hair In Women And What YOU Can Do About It

Causes Of Facial Hair In Women And What YOU Can Do About It

While it’s usually finer in texture and lighter in colour, it’s undeniable that most women have facial hair. Sometimes, though, women’s facial hair can turn much darker and coarser in texture, making them both stand out more and be harder to remove at home. If you’re suffering from coarse facial hair, you might be wondering what causes this. More importantly, you’d be interested in knowing what your options are at this point.

That’s why below, we’re going to be talking about the most common reasons for abnormal facial hair growth in women, and the benefits that laser hair removal can have for these special cases.

The Most Common Cause Of Facial Hair In Women: Hirsutism
Hirsutism is a condition that is most commonly the reason for abnormal facial hair growth in women. The hair resulting from Hirsutism is both coarser and darker, growing in a traditionally male-like pattern: commonly on the chest, the back, and the lower parts of the face. Hirsutism affects more than 10% of all women today, and can be challenging to deal with if you’re not familiar with your options.

This condition is caused by an excess of androgens (male hormones) like testosterone. What causes an increase in androgens?
We’re glad you asked.
1. PCOS, Or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the major culprit behind cases of Hirsutism, accounting for above 75% of all Hirsutism cases, and causes the growth of benign cysts on the ovaries. This can have a myriad number of adverse symptoms for your body, like:
● Excess facial hair on your face and chest,
● Being fatigued increasingly more throughout the day,
● Significantly decreased fertility,
● And a number of other equally unattractive symptoms.
The common treatment for PCOS is hormone treatment. If you’re suffering from this condition, your best bet is to consult an OBGYN about proper treatment.

2. Medications
With dependency on pharmaceutical treatments only increasing by the day, medications are another common reason for Hirsutism. Many medications that contain male growth hormones can cause an increase of androgens in women, particularly:
● Cyclosporine, used as an immunosuppressant,
● Testosterone supplements for a variety of conditions,
● And anabolic steroids used during working out to increase body mass.

3. Adrenal Gland Disorders
Your adrenal glands are responsible for your hormones, and disorders that have effects on your adrenal glands can easily cause a shift in your hormones. A common example is Cushing’s disease as a result of prolonged exposure to Cortisol.

4. Hormonal Shifts
Hormonal shifts that occur during pregnancy and growth can cause a massive increase of androgens in your body, resulting in excess facial hair. When you’re pregnant, high oestrogen levels often result in longer, more luscious locks, but in some cases, the opposite can happen, with your hair turning darker and coarser instead of longer and more luscious.

Laser Treatment Therapy And How It Helps: The Takeaway
Excess facial hair definitely has an effect on your self esteem, but the good news is, you have options. The best option here is laser treatment therapy, which removes facial hair but doesn’t irritate your skin like repeated plucking or waxing does.

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