A Look At 2022’s Trends For Healthy Skin

A Look At 2022’s Trends For Healthy Skin

Complicated DIY routines have become the norm for skincare these days with the pandemic taking over our daily schedules. As it wanes onto the back burner, though, 2022 shows no signs of letting go of these trends. Instead, a number of them have transitioned into the mainstream, with holistic, simple lifestyle transformations taking the lead. If you’re curious about what 2022’s holding in store for skincare enthusiasts, here’s a breakdown of how it’s turned out so far:

1. Skinimalism: Keeping It Simple
Skinimalism stands at the top as the most popular skincare trend of 2022. In essence, it replaces the many-step skincare regimen of previous years with a natural, holistic approach focused on retaining your skin’s natural healthy glow. That means using fewer products, along with massively reducing the number of makeup products you use. This is an in-depth approach and focuses on dealing with your skin problems instead of masking them with products.
For example, most skinimalism routines focus on frequent exfoliation and facial cleansing and moisturising, along with keeping a healthy ongoing dialogue with your dermatologist about the best ways to deal with skin problems naturally.

2. Holistic Skin Care Approaches: Say Hi To A Healthy Lifestyle
Skinimalism is also combined with the second biggest skincare trend of 2022: holistic approaches to skincare. This focuses on aligning yourself with the healthy lifestyle experts recommend, and expounds on the fact that since it’s the largest protective barrier, focusing on your skincare helps your body overall.
A holistic skincare approach delves deep into creating a skincare approach suited to your skin especially and the things it needs. This is most often done with the help of a specialised dermatologist or skincare specialist who prescribes what your skin needs, like:
● Oral supplements if you’re missing certain vitamins,
● Topical applications instead of unhealthy artificial products,
● Dietary changes so you can get a healthy, balanced diet,
● And fitness advice to work off unhealthy fat.

The best part about this trend is that instead of introducing something new, it focuses on making the best out of your natural situation, and dealing with skincare problems here and now to create long-lasting healthy skin.

3. Investing In Advanced Skincare Treatments
The minimalist approach to skincare doesn’t mean you have to swear off all facial treatments. However, instead of multiple procedures, 2022’s trending towards medically-approved treatments that use advanced technology to create long-lasting facial wellness. Laser skin resurfacing is a great example. This treatment uses an Erbium YAG Laser to stimulate collagen production, improving your skin quality in the here and now.

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