We decode your skin issues with personalized treatments


Your skin on your body needs exfoliation just like the skin on your face. Chemical peels accelerate cell turnover ratio by gently dissolving the dead skin cells and revealing new cells which means brighter and smoother skin.

Q switch laser

Imagine having a magic eraser to wipe away all the blemishes and tattoo regrets that makes you uncomfortable? Thanks to the Q switch laser! With its high-intensity beam, it erases sun spots, age spots, tattoo, freckles, moles, and birthmarks among others.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are inevitable but they don't have to be permanent. We offer numerous services to treat them


Wish to be body hair free forever? Chose Primelase, the most effective way of reducing visible hair.

The procedure involves targeting hair follicles with diode laser technology to reduce hair growth.

GFC Therapy

Grow your hair with just your body’s self-rejuvenation factor, without any surgical intervention. An advanced procedure next to PRP, is apt for anyone who aspired for lush healthy hair.

Hyaluronic Acid Skinboost

Aren't neck, hands and feet the most neglected areas of our body? often a dehydrated appearance can give away your age or make you look older than your age. Hyaluronic acid is like a moisture magnet, which draws moisture to your skin to give you plump, youthful skin.

PRP with Micro needling

Are you aware? Stretch marks can be easily dealt with right procedures. This combination treatment works wonder in skin tightening process – PRP with Micro needling.

Injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), while micro needling, effectively enables the serum to infuse within the skin. The micro injuries simulated by micro needling gradually leads to collagen synthesis and skin repair. The injected PRP promotes collagen remodelling and skin rejuvenation.

This procedure is a dermatological wonder and is a much recommended treatment for anti-aging, mainly stretch marks.